BPW already has more than 100 years experience. BPW's engineering services consistently build on this achievement.

BPW possesses decades of experience with trailers and employs a large number of specialists who can help you in your daily work. Specialists who keep you on the move, anywhere in the world. Whether you need technical advice on what is the right application for you, engineering services such as individual FEM or brake calculations, or driving and test track trials: BPW helps you to get your trailer on the road in the best possible condition.

Application consulting
BPW can assist you in standardising vehicle frames and can help you to select axles and axle units which are appropriate for a particular market or application.With BPW, your ideas are in the best hands. That’s because BPW offers you a wide range of ingenious solutions for technical applications. Whether you have detailed questions or want to develop complete vehicles: We are happy to offer you advice. If necessary, BPW can also test your trailers in operation so as to come up with the correct solution based on recorded data. In this case, BPW refers to existing standards and uses its own experience, or else develops a special catalogue for you incorporating the necessary requirements.

FEM calculations
FEM-Berechnungen BPW has many years of experience in performing stress measurements during driving trials. We perform computer analyses (which include measurements taken from the trailer chassis or chassis components) and suggest any necessary optimisation measures. In this way, you cut calculation time as well as shortening testing and development cycles.


Driving trials
Fahrversuche In driving trials, BPW analyses the load on chassis components: deformation or stress on connecting pieces, gusset plates and cross members is recorded using strain gauges and evaluated with the vehicle manufacturer. This means frame and chassis components can be optimally designed prior to the start of volume production.


Test facility trials
Prüffeldversuche In BPW test facility trials, components are subjected to pulsating or alternating forces. Various test programs can be used for this, such as driving along a test route. As a result, operational strength and component flexibility can be tested under realistic conditions. This reduces the development time of components and modules.


Brake calculations
Bremsberechnungen BPW prepares EC/ECE brake calculations on the basis of BPW brake cylinders as well as components and designs from other manufacturers. In this way, design tolerances can be exploited sensibly in terms of technology and efficiency. The best possible brake circuit and the most effective braking for your vehicle are assured.


Turning circle calculations
Kreisfahrtberechnungen BPW offers you the service of EC-licensed turning circle calculations. This calculation is accepted for the vehicle registration and therefore replaces the need for a practical demonstration in most cases. Also, the proposed vehicle will be in accordance with statutory requirements, right from the start.


Rollover resistance calculations
Kippstabilitätsberechnungen Since July 2003, the rollover resistance of hazchem vehicles will have to be demonstrated as part of the registration process. An acceleration at right angles of 0.4g is demanded. This has to be confirmed mathematically or using the tilt test. BPW offers a mathematical check of compliance with this requirement. It is performed in accordance with ECE regulation no. 111, appendix 4. As a result, the costly tilt test can be avoided.